Our purpose is to foster character, sportsmanship, and scholarship in inner city children by educating them to the history, play, etiquette, and skills of golf.

“PAL Golf and Kids On The Hill provided me with the opportunity to learn a great sport that I love and carry it through the rest of my life. PAL Golf has made a positive impact on my life and I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity.” - Ryan, joined when he was 8 years old

“Thank you, Mr. Sykes and the board for the Kids on the Hill Program. PAL would not have a summer golf program if it wasn’t for Kids on the Hill.” - Officer Ernie Rehr

“I am a single mom of four children. I live in the inner city and often look for outlets for my children that are positive and will keep them busy off the streets. I could never have imagined my children participating in golf without this program. Through golf my children learn etiquette and skills that they are able to translate into values for their future. The golf program not only teaches the children about golf it also gives them the fundamental skills that they will be able to use throughout their life, in school, work and with their peers. I would like to thank you again for providing a grand opportunity for my children and my neighbors’ children to learn and participate in golf.” - Dawn

Kids on the Hill introduces the game of golf and the life values it teaches to kids participating in the Police Athletic League (PAL) organization.